NFT & Token Launchpad

Our mission is to vastly increase the quality of the NFT and Web3 industry by launching an array of dApps and blockchain tools.
One of the first and most important dApps to be launched is the Launchpad, where we will curate the best NFT projects and IDOs.
The reason for building a Launchpad on top of the NFT Hub is simple, we want to be the one-stop shop for helping projects to launch successfully.
Although not its only use case, the token launchpad is meant to help projects launch their own token to be used in conjunction with the NFT Project Hub.

What makes the launchpad different?

The first stage is to launch our NFT launchpad.
For this, we’ll be finding only the best NFT projects.
Initially launching on Solana & Ethereum but our long-term plan is to be multi-chain.
We’ll also be adding IDO functionality, launching multi-chain tokens linked to long-term utility plays.
Above all we’ll be operating with the utmost transparency. This means that:
  • We’ll be up front about our fees;
  • We’ll be sharing our decision-making around why we like the projects that we curate;
  • There won’t be any under-the-table dealings - all launches will be fair and honest.

How will the NFT Launchpad work?

One of the first launches we plan to do is our own NFT.
After that initial drop, if you own a Chainwiz NFT that means that you will get:
  1. 1.
    A whitelist allocation to the NFT projects we launch
  2. 2.
    Entry into a competition to win one of 10 free NFT mints for every project we launch
  3. 3.
    Exclusive in-depth details on each NFT project that we are launching