Admin Portal

Pre + Post Launch
The admin portal is by far the most important aspect of the hub as it's where founders and project admins will be able to manage all aspects of what their community members see as well as view all the incredibly important analytics around users.

Know Your Community (KYC)

As mentioned, the portal will incentivise the sharing of information both in the form of profile information & account links (eg Twitter & Discord) as well as information collected in quests.
All this information will be viewable from the macro analysis to the granular details.

Know Your Holder (KYH)

Once the NFT is live, we will take this a step further and allow project founders to understand much more about their holders than ever before.
Not only will we be able to link wallets to all the KYC information above, we will also be able to show which are your most valuable holders by tracking their activities within the hub as well as on-chain purchasing.
We will leverage public on-chain data to help you understand which wallets are high value both in terms of their Hodling behaviours and in terms of actual wallet value.

Manage Your Community Hub

We want to make this portal as self-serve as possible so we will allow founders to add team members who can setup everything from quests and auctions to products on the merch store.